3D pipe


The old pipe system has been cleaned and is now ready for pipe renovation. By clicking the menu on the left you can follow the installation process.
We are relining the pipe by spraying polyester plastic into the connection pipe.
And in the same process we also spray the main pipe. This gives us a very strong result between different pipe fittings. This can be done in reverse order depending on where we are in the house.
We twist in a flexible liner. The liner is put on pressure and hardened. Pipes and branch sections consist of a plumbing substance made of 100% polyester fibre with internal PU coating. The fibre is impregnated with high-value thermoset
Connection pipes are opened with an internal working robot which cut up the connection opening to full flow.
Then we install the tailor-made branch pipe. An important part to tie together the connection pipes with the main pipe. This can be done in single, double or triple connection.
Finally, we twist in a flexible liner through the connection pipe that overlaps with the branch pipe.
Or we can spray polyester plastic that will overlap with the branch pipes.

Click and drag to rotate the pipe